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We have never had so many different ideas, people, and information
outlets trying to reach our youth as we do today. This is taking our
kids and swiping away their innocents at a younger and younger age. 
This in combination of so many broken homes has created a mental health
crisis, the like of which we have never seen.

Instead of sending billions to other nations, we need to start focusing
on our youth right here in our own back yard.  We need trained school
mental health advisors at each school.  They should be proactive, and in
and out of class rooms daily looking for the signs of troubled youth, no
more sitting in an office waiting for them to come to you, we need these
advisors interacting with hundreds of kids each and every day.  No less
than one for every 500 kids in any school.  There is no cost that is too
great to help get our kids back on track and focused on the things that
matter.   Early detection can help refocus them on the future and more
importantly, give them hope.


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